REAL INSIGHT is a leading independent debt adviser in Southern Africa with unrivalled experience in advising clients on their optimal capital structure and implementing it by way of new debt capital raising, or refinancing and restructuring existing arrangements.

Our Expertise

At the core of our expertise is the excellence of our team in credit analysis that is used to identify the appropriate capital structure, develop appropriate terms and conditions to support the fund raising in the relevant market and ultimately to position the credit in the correct light in the market.

What We Do

We support our clients on capital structuring and funding transactions in a variety of capacities, specifically tailored to what suits them and their capabilities. Our track record demonstrates that the outcomes we achieve are materially better than those which a client could achieve without our assistance.

Our Value Added

Our value proposition for clients is related to the level of inefficiency and divergence in financing outcomes across similar credits that occur in debt markets. We achieve “best in class” financing outcomes on both price and non-price terms and conditions by ensuring inefficiencies are eliminated.

Underpinned by Independent Unbiased Advice

REAL INSIGHT has no balance sheet or distribution activities, enabling the provision of genuinely independent advice unfettered by the conflicts of interest that exist when commercial or investment banks take on the role of adviser and product provider.

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